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移り変わるダンスミュージックシーンのトレンドを常にキャッチし、長年の経験と緻密で高度な技術から繰り広げられる抜群のフロアコントロールと感情を思うがままに表現する彼独自のDJ STYLEは、国内外のトップDJ等からも高く評価され、全国各地に熱狂的な“DJOGAWA”ファンを獲得している。トラックメーカー、リミキサーとしてもスタジオパートナーUNIC、OMBと共に多くの作品を生み出している。現在、名古屋MAGOを中心に活動中。2015年より毎年ツアーを行なっているブエノスアイレスでのDJプレイが高く評価され、地元のラジオ局からのオファーが相次ぎ毎月MIXを提供中。DJ OGAWAが繋ぎ続ける一夜の旅はPROGRESSIVE HOUSEというジャンルには納まりきれない独自の高揚感でフロアを圧倒する。2014年から3年続けてアルゼンチンツアーを行う。HERNAN CATTANEO日本公演では毎回東京、大阪、名古屋にて共演。ホームグラウンドMAGOでのレジデンツパーティSMASHでは自身によるロングセット以外にもJohn Digweed、Dubfire、Satoshi Tomiieなどの重鎮から次世代のアーチストKHENまで幅広くフィーチャーし進化を続ける。2019年WOMBにて年間で開催されたパーティOTAKU TOKYOにてレジデンツとして活躍。

2020年 Burning Man / Celtic Chaos 出演。

A world without music is no world at all for DJ Ogawa. This Japanese DJ/Producer/Remixer has felt the rhythm and groove since childhood and you can tell. From his skills behind the decks to his obsession with quality in the studio, is a testimony of why he has gain so much respect among his peers at home and abroad, and an underground following in Japan.

Ogawa spent his teenage years living in the metropolis of Tokyo and was engulfed by many forms of music protruding from every nooks. Originally interested in punk, new wave and hip-hop, it was not until Chicago House overwhelmed his heart and clubs began to appear in the early 80's, that he found his true calling for dance music and became a DJ.

Hailing from Nagoya, DJ Ogawa has been one of the pioneers of Nagoya's underground scene. In 2001, he began his own event called SMASH at Club Mago and  20years of a solid reputation of high-quality music and world-class DJs, SMASH has become known across the country, and now favored by many guest DJs such as John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo,Dubfire , Satoshi Tomiie. And Khen.

DJ OGAWA's overnight journey overwhelms the floor with a unique exuberance that cannot be contained in the genre of PROGRESSIVE HOUSE.

DJ OGAWA's journey through the night overwhelms the floor with his unique uplifting control of the PROGRESSIVE HOUSE genre.


Since 2014, he has toured Argentina for three years in a row.

He has performed with HERNAN CATTANEO in Japan in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

In addition to his long sets at SMASH, a residency party at his home ground Club MAGO, he has featured a wide range of big names such as John Digweed, Dubfire, and Satoshi Tomiie, as well as the next generation of artist KHEN, and continues to evolve.

In 2019, DJ Ogawa participated in the annual party OTAKU TOKYO held at WOMB as a resident DJ.

In 2020, Performed at Burning Man / Celtic Chaos held at Virtual.

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